• Ahahaha fine, I've understood just a little petit, but don't hurry up... we're coming... dear cousins... Discussion Utilisateur:Puzza87, 1 février 2008 à 01:49
  • Comment pouvez-vous insulter autant la plus belle ville du monde ?!

Sinon c'est quand même marrant., 6 juillet 2008 à 21:27

Excuse me if i write this in english, but there aren't so many parking lots in rome! actually there aren't enough parking lots! believe me, if you live in rome you would know it!-- novembre 22, 2011 à 09:27 (UTC)

Excuse myself for that the answer of myself in english, but it is my native tongue (LOL ! Like the shoes for the swimming pool = "les tongs" lol xD ). Rome is so beautiful and there is indeed I témoigne a so beautiful parking lot behind the Super U. Kiss my brother of me ! ;)   Ici Tolosa...    Se ma tanta avia de ròdas ne faria un cari.   novembre 22, 2011 à 09:46 (UTC)